02 January 2011

3 Better Moments in Time Travel than the 100 Greatest

½) Time Travel is just an excuse for wearing Diaphanous Robes

As if Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation and Technology well beyond modern standards, never mind the standards of the 1970s, you'd think The Tomorrow People would have enough powers.  But when Peter, the guardian of time starts appearing in dreams, you know something it must mean a visit to Roman Britain in the episode A Rift In Time.

⅓) Toilet Paper Prom Dress

Erica Strange is leading a very strange life indeed.  She's just lost her job, her MD sister's fiancé is on her case and her estranged best friend from high school is a successful newspaper columnist.  Guess it's time to seek therapy.  Enter Dr. Tom and a return to the those fun-filled teenage years where one friend vomits on your dress and abandons you and the the other passes out from alcohol poisoning.  What to do but call for help draped in the only garment left available… just another day in the life of Being Erica.

This one can kick Marty McFly's butt from here to Gallifrey! And like the law that Entropy Increases, it can only be classed as Number 0!

0) Don't Step Into The Box!

An old man in a junkyard confronts two nosy teachers at his granddaughter's school before kidnapping them and taking them back to 100,000 B.C. to construct flaming skull effigies in Doctor Who.  Then, the Doctor gets trapped in the Pandorica.  Some other stuff happens between then, but I forget…

And what about Project Kronoshpere?

I'm working on it, I'm working on it…